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VISION AND AMBITION is a project launched jointly by ULB and VUB in October of 2017. The two universities are focusing on the 'B' they have in common, strengthening their relationship with Brussels and its players and highlighting their place in the city. By turning towards their urban environment, ULB and VUB show their commitment to opening themselves up, acknowledging that they are involved in the city's life and that the city is what allows them to thrive.


The project's ambition is to develop this connection with Brussels and to make it more visible, in two ways:

  • Connecting with the city and its residents: the goal is to get students out of their campus and to move certain places of teaching and activities into the city itself. This will help both universities gain visibility in Brussels, make them more accessible, and enable their students to learn about the city and its rich heritage.
  • Connect with cultural organisations, entrepreneurs, associations, and policymakers: the goal is to create long-term partnerships with these groups and build bridges between the universities, their students, and those involved with these groups in order to contribute to research, teaching, and reflection through experiences on the ground.


The heart of the Brussels City Campus is located in room Errera +1, at the Centre for Fine Arts. The room can be accessed throughout the year, at no charge. If this room is not available, other locations—whose price has been negotiated as part of—may be offered. Certain partners also organise visits or classes for students. See the full list of partners.