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Usquare is a joint project to repurpose the former barracks in Ixelles, carried out by ULB, VUB, and the Brussels-Capital Region, which owns the venue.

The project's ambition is to bring together citizens, knowledge, and the city itself; it is centred on hubs of sustainable development and international attractiveness.

The project involves:

  • Creating housing for families and students
  • Installing facilities available to local residents
  • Creating a space dedicated to sustainable food
  • Preserving and enhancing the city's heritage
  • Creating public and cultural spaces
  • Creating an innovative university hub dedicated to research (Institute for Advanced Study, an interuniversity, interdisciplinary, and interfaculty research centre), entrepreneurship and innovation (incubator, FabLab), and dissemination of knowledge, with an International Welcome Centre.

The building will also be a model of sustainable construction, and include the latest technologies to support knowledge sharing.