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Learning and Innovation Center


This building will be completed in a few years on the La Plaine campus, on the border between VUB and ULB's campuses.

The new centre will host ULB's library of sciences and techniques, and VUB's library of exact and applied sciences.

It will also offer students:

  • Private study areas
  • Collaboration areas
  • Experiment centres for group activities
  • Active study rooms
  • Project areas
  • Exhibition rooms

The building will also be a model of sustainable construction, and include the latest technologies to support knowledge sharing.


  • 9,000 m² (~100,000 sq. ft)
  • 7 storeys
  • Capacity: 1,000 occupants
  • Construction start: 2020
  • Construction end: 2022


"The centre is a perfect illustration of the will to offer an educational system that is proactive and future-oriented, and that encourages collaboration between students, researchers, and commercial partners', explains Professor Yvon Englert, Rector of ULB."


'"As an international knowledge hub, we want to build bridges and find solutions to scientific and sociocultural challenges', adds Professor Caroline Pauwels, Rector of VUB."