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Joint Research Groups

What is a Joint Research Group?

ULB-VUB Joint Research Groups bring together researchers from both universities who are active on the same research topic, i.e. a topic that covers multiple related research projects, PhDs, Master's dissertations, or publications.

The strategic collaboration within a ULB-VUB JRG aims to strengthen both partners' positions in their area of expertise and to produce disciplinary and interdisciplinary contributions.

ULB-VUB joint research groups are :

  • High-level research centres dedicated to scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation
  • Platforms for researcher mobility and training
  • Hubs offering knowledge, expertise, and—in certain cases—equipment and infrastructures
  • Opportunities to transfer technology and knowledge with powerful effects on society, economy, the non-market sector, governance, or the public as a whole

How to start a JRG?

  • A JRG must include at least three senior researchers (i.e. established postdoctoral researchers) from each institution
  • A JRG may include researchers from different research centres or departments in each institution
  • Applications must be submitted to both institutions' Research Councils at the same time. The creation of a JRG is approved as soon as both Research Councils have accepted the application.

You may apply by clicking on the following link: 

How does a JRG work?

  • JRGs are chaired by a senior researcher from one of the two institutions, and co-chaired by a researcher from the other institution; both have a two-year mandate, and the end of which they switch roles.
  • Each JRG determines its own internal operating process, in accordance with the rules of both institutions.
  • JRGs are approved for a duration of 4 years, renewable based on proof of common activities and results.


Financial support

Each of the two institutions provides the following financial support for the creation of a JRG:

  • €2,500 upon approval of the JRG's creation
  • €800 when a joint supervision agreement is signed