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Information for ULB students

This information provides practical guidance on coming to study at ULB, with information on some of the University’s central support services.

Student accommodation

ULB’s Housing Office can support you in your search for suitable accommodation and advise you on many aspects of student housing. Its webpage features a large list of accommodation offers, including in private residences on campus. Have a look at the website.

Important: please note that only Belgian students may apply for a room in ULB’s own halls of residence.

If you would prefer to make arrangements in advance, ULB has a partnership with Housing Anywhere, a platform that enables you to book private accommodation from your home. Housing Anywhere gives you access to pictures and videos of different places, even letting you chat with the landlord before making a secure booking.

Get your search started with these websites: (ask for the ULB discount)
https :// (ULB discount code: ULB30)

Getting around in Brussels

From the city centre’s train stations to the very outskirts, STIB has you covered for public transport in Brussels. Its extensive network of buses, trams, metros and trains enables you to get wherever you need to go with minimal hassle and usually within a short journey time.

As a student under 25, you can get a yearly season ‘MOBIB card’ by submitting the documents certifying your student status, which you receive when you arrive. See here how to buy your student season ticket.

You can always check timetables before leaving home or the campus by installing the STIB mobile app for Android or for Apple.


Travelling between campuses

The two universities are in close proximity to each other and students can travel between campuses in different ways:

Between Solbosch and VUB
•    on foot: takes about 20 minutes

VUB naar ULB kaartje

•    by public transport:
To go from VUB to Solbosch
o    from the ‘Fraiteur’ stop located on Boulevard du Triomphe, take bus № 71 towards ‘De Brouckere’. Get off at the ‘ULB’ stop on Avenue de l’Université and walk to the Solbosch campus
o    from the ‘VUB-campus’ stop, take tramway № 25 towards ‘Gare de Boondael’. Get off at the ‘ULB’ stop on Avenue Buyl and walk to the Solbosch campus
o    from the ‘VUB’ stop, take tramway № 7 towards ‘Vanderkindere’. Get off at the ‘Cambre-étoile’ stop on Bd Général Jacques and walk to the Solbosch campus

To go from Solbosch to VUB
o    from the ‘ULB’ stop located on Avenue Adolphe Buyl, take bus № 71 towards ‘Delta’. Get off at the ‘Fraiteur’ stop on Boulevard du Triomphe and walk to the VUB campus
o    from the ‘ULB’ stop located on Avenue Adolphe Buyl, take tramway № 25 towards ‘Rogier’. Get off at the ‘VUB’ stop on Boulevard de La Plaine and walk to the VUB campus
o    from the ‘Cambre-étoile’ stop located on Boulevard Général Jacques, take tramway № 7 towards ‘Heysel’. Get off at the ‘VUB’ stop on Boulevard Général Jacques and walk to the Solbosch campus. You will find more information here.

To go from Solbosch to Flagey
ULB-Flagey is home to part of the Faculty of Architecture (La Cambre-Horta). Located in Ixelles, it can be reached by public transport, by train, by foot, or by bicycle. You will find all relevant information here.

To go from Solbosch to La Plaine
The La Plaine campus is home to the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Pharmacy. It also hosts the museum of medicinal plants and pharmacy, as well as the Physics Experimentarium and the Chemistry Experimentarium.
Located between Ixelles and Etterbeek, the campus can easily be accessed by public transportation, by foot, or by bicycle; it is also located near several railway stations. You will find all relevant information here.

Emergencies and Safety

If you experience or witness a medical emergency, an accident, or an assault, or if you find a suspicious object, please contact our Protection and Safety unit, open 24/7.

In case of an emergency, stay calm and clearly explain the situation:

  • Where? Give the location of the incident
  • What happened? Explain the nature and the extent of the incident, the number of victims and their condition
  • Who? Give your name and telephone number

From any ULB landline, please dial the following numbers as soon as possible:


From a mobile phone: +32 (0)2 650 26 14

Below you will find other relevant emergency numbers:
Medical emergencies (fire/ambulance) 100
European number in case of violent crime and accidents 112
Federal police (accidents without injuries) 101
Red Cross 105
Poison control centre +32 (0)70 245 245
Burn care centre +32 (0)71 448 000

Yellow emergency call boxes are also installed on the Solbosch, La Plaine and Erasme campuses.

Off-campus urgent assistance for deaf or hearing-impaired persons & for persons with a speech impediment:

If you are deaf or hearing-impaired, or if you have a speech impediment, you may contact the emergency centres by means of the ‘112 BE’ app or by SMS. &


COVID-19: information and safety measures

Stay informed about the latest ULB sanitary rules by consulting this webpage (only in French). ULB students and guest students will automatically be informed by mail of any new information.

On you will find the official information of the Belgian government concerning COVID-19.

Language courses

ULB Langues

ULB Langues, in collaboration with language school ASBL F9 Languages in Brussels, offers free (except during the summer!) support language courses in
• English
• Dutch
• French as a foreign language (FFL)

If you are looking to improve your French skills, ULB Langues offers free language courses to foreign students throughout the academic year. Taking a test to determine your level is mandatory!
The placement tests are held in August for the summer courses, in September for the courses of the first quarter and in February for the courses of the second quarter.
PLEASE NOTE: The number of participants is limited and taking the test does not guarantee you a spot!
Find more information here at

At F9 Languages, students can follow a 20-hour language module in English or Dutch, at no cost. Monthly sessions are held during the academic year; in addition, one-week intensive courses are held during the holidays. To enrol in English or Dutch courses, you must register through the Université Virtuelle (UV) and access with your ULBID + password.

General information on F9 Languages can be found here (click on the ‘Students ULB’ tab).
Important: these language courses are supplemental courses offered to students in order to facilitate their integration in Brussels. You will not receive additional ECTS for completing these courses during the Joint Master’s programme.


Student memberships are open to all ULB students. A wide range of sports activities are organized at ULB. The activities take place during the entire academic year, across the University’s various campuses (Solbosch, Erasme, Charleroi) depending on the specific programmes. An annual card (€50) will give you access to group classes and a reduced price for sports facilities.

Playing sports at ULB is a great way to stay fit, make lifelong friends, and enjoy life outside of your academic studies!

Procedure to buy the ULB Sports membership card as a ULB student (home university):

  • when you fill in your application on MonULB, go to ‘other information’ and select ‘yes I want to buy the ULB Sports card’; a sports logo will be added to your student card
  • or you can connect to ‘Mon ULB – My Services’ afterwards and subscribe
  • or you can go directly to ULB Sports’ reception desk, located on the Solbosch Campus (Building F1, Level 2)

Find out the complete offer on the ULB Sports website or

Note that your health insurance (mutuelle) may contribute to the registration fees.


ULB Culture organizes film club screenings, concerts and exhibitions. It also offers a number of workshops, allowing you to engage in a cultural activity on campus such as joining a choir or an orchestra, or taking part in a play, a movie or a musical.

Their office is located on the Solbosch campus, Building F1, Level 4, and can be reached by telephone at +32 (0)2 650 21 57. For more general information, please visit this link.

Procedure to buy the ULB Culture Pass as a ULB student (home university):

  • When you fill in your application on MonULB, go to ‘other information’ and select ‘yes, I want to buy the ULB-culture card’.
  • Or make a payment of €12,50 on the ULB Culture account number BE79 2100 4294 0033. Mention ‘733141’ and your name & family name in the payment message; an account statement will be asked when you pick up your Culture Pass.

Possibility to collect your Culture Pass at

  • Pointculture ULB – Solbosch campus Avenue Paul Héger
  • ULB Culture – Solbosch campus, Building F1 – Level 4

Some cultural suggestions in Brussels:



As a ULB student, you have access to the following library facilities:

@Solbosch Campus:
• Human Sciences Library
• Law Library
• Science and Technology Library
@Flagey Campus:
• Architecture Library
@La Plaine Campus:
• Pharmacy Library
@Erasme Campus:
• Health Sciences Library
@Uccle Campus:
• Translation and Interpretation Library
@Gosselies Campus:
• Institute of Molecular Biology and Medicine

How to register with the library?
If you have a valid ULB student card, no need to register: your student card also serves as a library card. You may also purchase an anonymous payment and access card in any library, which you can use to access various services such as car parks, computer rooms, etc., and to pay for copies.

Online resources
The vast majority of the online catalogue can be accessed from off campus using the EZ-Proxy connection available to all members of the ULB community. Click here to access EZ-Proxy. To access EZ-Proxy, use your ULBID + password. Important: you must connect to the internet BEFORE browsing the web pages (information only in French).

S&SAME: Library and University Guidance & Document Lending Service
Are you lost on campus, do you have difficulty locating a certain department, auditorium, computer room, or any other useful service? Are you looking for a course schedule? In every library, S&SAME can help you. The S&SAME teams are also at your disposal to explain how to connect to the Wi-Fi network and how to access your e-mail, MonULB, or the Virtual University. In addition, S&SAME gives you useful information to find a specific book or article, and provides document loans.
Click here (only in French) to find S&SAME’s opening hours in the various libraries.

EUReKA – Literature Search Support
EUReKA assists you in your literature searches, whether you need to find an article or a book or to locate available publications on a specific topic. Don’t hesitate to visit your library’s EUReKA service if you have any difficulties! If necessary, you will be provided guidance or directed towards a training session adapted to your needs. EUReKA can also give you valuable tips on putting together a coherent bibliography, understanding how to avoid plagiarism, or downloading, saving, and/or printing the documents you have found. Click here to find EUReKA’s opening hours in the various libraries.

Cible+ is the search engine for ULB libraries; it helps you:
• find articles, books, journals, theses, dissertations, etc.
• access texts available online
• check the availability of a document
• order books kept in the archives and renew your loans
• consult the list of newly acquired books

Click here to access Cible+.

You will find additional information about ULB libraries via this link.

‘Affluences’ app
At any time, you can check the occupancy rate of a library in real time with the ‘Affluences’ app. 
In order to optimise access to workplaces, the Affluences seat reservation system is activated during block term and exam periods. Its use is then compulsory for those who wish to reserve a seat. The work and study places are only accessible to members of the ULB university community during this period and must be booked up to 3 days in advance. Remember to validate your presence via the QR code at the beginning of each reserved slot.
You can freely download the app on Google Play or the Apple App Store.
To be able to use Affluences, you must first confirm your ULB e-mail address. The use of another ULB e-mail address and/or the use of capital letters will result in an error message.
After you booked your seat, you also need to confirm it. This can be done via the e-mail you receive after booking. Once your booking has been confirmed you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you do not confirm on time (within 2 hours), your reservation will be automatically cancelled.

Health insurance

In Belgium, public health insurance (‘mutuelle’) is mandatory. EU Students with health insurance should bring proof of such insurance (the European Health Insurance Card). You can request one from your local health insurance before leaving your country. Generally speaking, if you are a EU citizen, you will only have to pay the supplementary fee.

Non-EU students also need to have health insurance that is valid in Belgium. It is strongly recommended that you take out such insurance before leaving your country of origin (private health insurance). An alternative is to sign up to Belgium’s public health insurance scheme once you are here. This will cover you as a student for the duration of your stay.

If your home country has no health insurance system, you must sign up with a 'mutuelle' or get public health insurance. This way, should a health issue arise, you will be able to see a doctor and will be reimbursed for most of the related medical costs.

Repatriation insurance
Please note that the 'mutuelle' will cover most of the cost of medical expenses in Belgium, but will not repatriate you to your home country in the event of an illness or accident. You may therefore wish to take out a private repatriation insurance in your home country or in Belgium.


Student Welfare Office (SWO)

The Student Welfare Office (‘Service Social Etudiants’ or SSE) is there to inform and help all ULB students in matters such as:

  • Finding the appropriate ULB services
  • Priority access to ULB housing for students who meet the criteria
  • Knowing their rights in Belgium
  • Applying for financial support, e.g. reduction of tuition fees, reduced rent, reimbursement of transportation costs, etc.
  • Applying for a scholarship
  • Providing administrative support for procedures involving external institutions such as the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, CPAS (public centre for social welfare, which guarantees dignified living conditions for all), family allowances, etc.
  • The Welcome Desk for Refugees

You can contact the SWO by e-mail or by telephone at +32 (0)2 650 20 14. Your contact person in English at the ULB is Ms Valérie Van Steen ( Click here for more general information.

Students with specific needs (‘Étudiants à besoin spécifique’ or EBS)

As a person with specific needs related to a diagnosed deficiency, a specific learning disability, or a debilitating illness, you may wish to enrol in a study programme and believe that your situation could impact your studies. While the University’s curricula are the same for all students, you are entitled to reasonable accommodations, specific aid, and support, depending on your needs. You may therefore apply for the status of Student with Specific Needs (SSN, or EBS in French) or Student with a Disability (SWD). In the online application form through ‘MonULB – other information’ you can specify that you are a student with special needs.

The Student Welfare Office will help students find out whether they qualify for any of those benefits. They also may redirect you to other ULB services, such as

Facilities for disabled people
ULB is committed to making its campuses accessible to all users and in particular to people with reduced mobility. The online access guide provides comprehensive and searchable information for each of the University’s buildings on all campuses, with information about disabled parking spaces, lifts, and accessible toilets. You can find all the information here.

You can find all relevant information for students with specific needs here.

Student jobs
ULBJob is the central hub where job offers are published for students who partially rely on their own income to meet their expenses. Students who must take time off their job during the exam revision period may qualify for an allowance that will compensate for lost revenue.

To find a job at ULB, click on this ULB Career Center link and sign in using your ULB e-mail address.

To find a job outside ULB, visit

Please note: to work as a student in Belgium, you must meet certain conditions!

For more information about working as a student in Belgium, please visit the following websites:

ULB Welcome Desk for Refugees
The ULB Welcome Desk for Refugees offers support to all refugee students, through all the steps involved in studying at ULB, both before and after enrolment. The Welcome Desk works in close collaboration with a contact person in each faculty. For more information and to make an appointment, please contact them by phone at +32 (0)2 650 22 21 or by e-mail at
You can find more general information on their webpage.

Medical Center

The ULB has a Medical Center open to all ULB students on the Solbosch campus, offering general medicine, sports medicine, and specialized medicine (cardiologist, gynaecologist, dermatologist, gastroenterologist, and psychiatrist) as well as physiotherapy and osteopathy. You can find all relevant information here.

Mental Health Care Services at ULB

ULB has a confidential in-house consulting service, the Service de santé mentale à l’ULB (SSM), with professionally qualified psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists.

If you need psychological help, you can contact the ‘PsyCampus’ centre, which is part of SSM and located on the Solbosch campus. The centre’s main activities are:

  • Interviews and psychotherapy sessions
  • Consultations with a psychiatrist
  • Group therapy for students
  • Group sessions on stress management
  • Psychological consultations to help with study strategies

The first consultation is free of charge and the following sessions are €7/session. An English-speaking psychologist is available.

You can find PsyCampus’s contact details at their website to make an appointment.

Family planning

Aimer à l’ULB

‘Aimer à l’ULB’ is a family planning centre open year round to all ULB students, where they can receive general information, schedule a consultation on contraception, pregnancy, abortion, or sexually transmitted infections (testing and treatment), get emergency contraception and pregnancy tests, consult a psychologist or a psychotherapist, obtain legal advice or family mediation services, or take part in educational activities on sexual and emotional health.

The doctor’s fee will be partially reimbursed by your Belgian health insurance (mutuelle).

For more information, please contact the association by telephone +32 (0)2 650 31 31 between 9 am and 6 pm and on the last two Saturdays of each month between 9:30 am and 12:30 pm. Link to their webpage: